Sunday, April 1, 2007

Semi-weekly update

Here I am! I know how much you guys have missed me. Honestly, I have been meaning to post for a few days, but I also wanted do post a couple of pics, and the friend that shall remain nameless has yet to send me them. However, some FABULOUS things have been going on!

First off, I just got back from an uber fun trip to Savannah, GA for St. Patty's Day with some fabulous girlfriends. We had the most wonderful time. For those who don't know, St. Patty's Day in Savannah, GA is the 2nd largest party in the US. It's huge, and very fun. I wanted to post pictures, but alas, I have none to post. I promise I will as soon as I get them. (hint, hint).

In my great new job I get to do some great things and meet great people. Many people will make fun of me for this, but I got to meet Jared from Subway! He is really a great guy and loves talking to kids about nutrition and childhood obesity. So, he came to one of my schools and spoke to the kids. Fun, eh? However, I will say that if there was a national award for the worst picture ever, it would definitely have to be this one. What gives dude? I think I should write him a letter and demand better than this. Come on man! Open your eyes!

Um, Hey Jared from Subway, can you please open your eyes when you take your picture with Mandy? Great, thanks!

On another front, guess what is coming up that I am so excited about??? Steeplechase! (go read about last year here and here) That's right, Steeplechase in Nashville is now on the horizon. Tickets have been purchased, and now the dress hunting is underway. Now, if you will remember, I get a bit obsessed with my dress. (And you know my story about dress twins - I would sooner die) So, the shopping has begin. I have purchased a couple already and will return whichever one I decide against. (or not, we'll see - a girl can always use extra dresses, no?)

On a sad note, 7th Heaven has officially gotten the boot from the CW. Sad to see the Camdens go. Sure, they have been around for a few years too long, but they also launched the career of the uber fabulous Jessica Biel. Oh! And Watch with Kristin's Save One Show poll is underway, so go vote for your fave, and save it! If you'll remember, One Tree Hill won last year and Veronica Mars the year before, and it was her poll that saved them from being canceled. So it works!

And, finally, I want to give a shout-out to my boyfreind in Indiana, Mr. Peyton Manning. He hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and did a FABULOUS job. For those who do not like him, you are insane. He has that natural personality that makes you adore him. I think he did a great job and did the ole U of Tennessee proud. And he even did a semi shout-out to them b/c they showed the UT v. Ohio State game before one skit. They were good skits written perfectly for him. I bet the ratings were fab too. Woohoo Peyton!

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